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How to Get Verizon Wireless Ringtones

With an ever-increasing competition, every mobile manufacturer aims at upgrading their technology and offering the newest range of services to their users. Due to the cut-throat competition, it has become essential that mobile manufacturing companies introduce impressive and affordable range of deals. So companies use the word "Free" to get an immediate attention of the perspective or existing customer. Everyone likes, which comes for free. Therefore, manufacturers of mobile phones offer certain free deals on mobiles to entice the customers purchase their new products or services. Other than this, they keep introducing free weekly and monthly plans to attract new customers.

With the advent of cellphones, the communication process has become much simpler and faster. There is a wide range of cellphones options to choose from. Today, the cellphones are available in different designs and styles with various impressive features. However, ringtone is an essential feature in all the cellphones, and people like to change the ringtone very often. Most of them want to have a new ringtone after using it for a while. Your mobile phones have an option, which allow you to assign a particular ringtone to a particular caller. This allows you to quickly identify the caller without even looking at the number flashing on its screen.

With nearly 55 million subscribers, Verizon Wireless has become one of the most trusted wireless networks in America. Based on the number of subscribers, Verizon Wireless is America's second-largest wireless telecommunications network. The market share of post-paid retail segment of Verizone also continues to grow at a much faster rate.

Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Vodafone Group with 45% stake and Verizon Communications with 55 percent ownership stake. Verizone plans to provide wireless services to Internet broadband, TV service, and landline phone service. Headquartered at Basking Ridge, NJ, Verizon Wireless employs more than 58,000 people. The company generates annual revenues of nearly $32 billion.

Verizon Wireless has been referred to as the most innovative service providers as they have launched America's first wireless 3G multimedia services. In addition, Verizon Wireless claims to have launched world's most comprehensive mobile music services.

If you are an existing subscriber, you can download ringtones for your Verizon Wireless. You can also download java games, e-mails, mobile applications, and use wireless internet. Other than this, it is possible to assign a different ringtone for each of your callers. You can also download some interesting wallpapers and ringback tones. The other list of interesting features include: taking and sending photos and checking local movie times. However, to avail all these benefits, you need to have a Verizon Wireless Get It Now-enabled mobile phone, such as the new Motorola K1m brand of cell phone.

Therefore, the number of Verizon Wireless ringtones and wallpapers that you can store on your cell phone differ with the cellphone model you have. The latest most popular ringtones offered by Verizone include:

  • o Money Maker - Ludacris

  • o Ring the Alarm - Beyonce

  • o London Bridge - Fergie

  • o When You Gonna Give It Up To Me feat Keyshia Cole - Sean Paul

  • o Too Little Too Late - JoJo

  • o Far Away - Nickelback

  • o About Us - Brooke Hogan

  • o Sexy Love - Ne-Yo

  • o Money Maker - Ludacris

  • o Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

  • o About Us - Brooke Hogan

  • o Push It - Rick Ross

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Verizon's V CAST Music app ringback tones

BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Verizon Wireless said today the company has updated its V CAST Music app, enabling Android™ smartphone customers to get and enjoy the music they want easily and at lower prices. For the first time, V CAST Music brings full-track songs, ringtones and ringback tones together in one easy-to-use application.

The new version of V CAST Music, available on Android smartphones running Android 2.1 or higher, lets customers purchase full-track songs in high-quality MP3 format without DRM. V CAST Music will now also offer full-track songs for 69 cents, 99 cents or $1.29 per song, which can be downloaded over the air to a smartphone, and then easily moved to a computer or other MP3-compatible device using V CAST Media Manager.

“Verizon Wireless is taking a leap forward with V CAST Music. We’re bringing the different kinds of music people love to have on their phones together in one, easy-to-use application, making it easy for customers to get what they want at lower prices,” said Greg Haller, vice president, Consumer Solutions for Verizon Wireless. “We’ve added features to V CAST Music that make it simple and more fun to enjoy your favorite music on your phone and with your friends and family.”

Using the new V CAST Music, customers will be able to purchase multiple formats of the same song – full track, ringtone and ringback tone – at a discounted price in select bundles. Customers can easily purchase and manage Jukeboxes of ringback tones that will rotate messages so callers hear different tones each time they call. V CAST Music now features a wish list, so customers can indicate what music they would like to purchase in the future, a “recommendations” button so they can send music suggestions to friends and family for them to preview or purchase using the app.

V CAST Music comes preloaded on select Android smartphones, and existing customers will be prompted to upgrade the next time they launch the app. Customers that have phones without V CAST Music on the app screen, can download the new version from the Verizon Channel in the Android Martket™. The app is free to download, but customers must have a data package on their account. Data and usage charges may apply when browsing, previewing and downloading music.

Free Mobile Ringtones

Unique ring tones in mobile phones have become popular for users. Ring tones can easily be downloaded such as popular songs from movie. People can choose many ring tones for free. Different types of ring tones are available to download but the basic one is the monotone ring tone.

People own older models of Nokia or any other company are able to use monotone ring tones and can compose their own ring tones in their mobiles. Another ring tone which is popular is the polyphonic ring tone giving a realistic sound. These ring tones are midi files widely available on the Internet.

The new kind of ring tone is the MP3 which gives the real sounds or songs, and movie clips. People now access software that allow converting songs from CDs into MP3 format, by installing in their mobiles. MP3 ring tones are available to be used in newest mobile phones.

Difference between ringback tones and ringtones

Ringtones are the sounds the snazzy little cellphones make when they ring that not just the mobile owner, but everyone in the room, hears too, and glares at them about. (My theory? Ringtones are one of the reasons you can't keep your cell phones on everywhere. Oh, airplanes and hospitals are one thing. But where life and limb aren't under threat, people could probably live with a few brrrr-brrrrs. But a packed lecture hall discussing the physics of communications technology suddenly receiving an explosive 10-second rendition of Queen's Bicycle Race? That's not disruption, that's a flash mob.)

You can download ringtones to your cellphone. You can make your own. You can get them from whoever you've got a service contract with. Ringtones that are portions of real songs are actually truetones, versus the polyphonic ringtones, which are like the notes you heard on the old Name That Tune Show. You know - "Ba-ba-BA-BA-BA-ba-BA - now name that tune!" Ringtones are a $2 billion industry.

Ringback tones are kinda special. They're just for the person who calls you. When they call you, you know the ringtone you hear? Well, they hear regular ringing - unless you've chosen a personalized ringback tone for them to hear. You can totally decide who gets to hear the personalized ringback tones you set to fire on your mobile and who doesn't.

Ringbacks are also known as caller tunes and answer tones. Offers for free ringback tones abound on the Internet, but be wary; you can't get ringback tones downloaded to your phone, just ringtones. As far as I can gather, you get ringback tones only from your cell phone carrier.

free ringback tones for android

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Tips for Choosing a Ringtones

There are several options that you can choose from when it comes to customizing your cell phone with ringtones, all you really need to do is weigh all of your options and find the kind that work best for you and your budget.

1 - You want to check your cell phone to see what you are able to use for ringtones. Certain phones have the capability for various ringtones while others do not. For example, some of the older or more basic cell phones will only be able to use monotone or polygraphic ringtones. Generally, these phones will come with a set of ringtones already loaded into the phone.

2 - Find out if your cell phone carrier already has a way for you to download ringtones from their service or from a related provider. Often times, these options are available in a download menu. All you need to do is browse through the menu, purchase credits for the ringtones that you would like to have and then download them.
3 - Always try it before you buy it! When it comes to purchasing ringtones for your phone, you always want to make sure that you can give it a listen before you pay for it and download it to your cell phone. This way you can eliminate the possibility of the ringtone not having the quality that you had hoped for or not being loud enough for your liking.
4 - Are you ready to customize? Depending on your level of comfort with software and ringtone programs, you can actually fiddle with certain tones and songs to make them your own. This happens to be one of the hottest trends in cellular ringtones to date. Having one of these custom ringtone programs will let you choose a tone, edit the song, loop your favorite portion of it and so on. With this sort of a set up, you might even find that your friends and relatives will be asking you to work on custom ringtones for their own cell phones!

5 - You can always browse the internet for great ringtone options that you can add to your cell phone. Take the time to listen to some of the ringtones that catch your eye, then look and see if there are any ringtone packages that you can buy. Generally, you can find a really affordable package deal that will include a number of songs for quick and easy download from a large list of options.

Phones for Children

What makes these phones different? Primarily, the Call Control feature, which allows parent to pre-program in up to 10 phone numbers - the only telephone numbers children can call. Most parents like to program in all the telephone numbers for each parent, sibling, grandparents and other extended family and some emergency numbers. Another feature on these phones is Family Locator, a feature that allows parents to narrow down the location of their child.

Parents like the kid-centric phones because it allows them the ability to reach out to parents when needed. As most children plead their case to own their own cell phones, most use the classic lines involving the need to be able to call in case of emergency, and phones like these fill this need.

Kids are fans of the phones too. In addition to having the phone to "keep up with the Jones' (Juniors!), so to speak, fun applications allow children to remain children...while owning a grown-up phone. Ring tones that ring to popular songs from children's movies allow the child to add a level of individuality and personalization. Another feature of these phones is the ability to text message the contacts that have been pre-programmed in, a feature that allows kids to feel more grown-up by partaking in "texting" with their parents and siblings.

ringback tones

The mobile communication industry is continuously changing. More and more capable devices are being launched along with complicated applications and features that get better and better. But some of you may say that there is one thing that hasn't changed at all since its appearance, the "riiiiing" that we hear every time we call someone.

Think again, because you are wrong. You've probably never heard of ringback tones. Now you can personalize your mobile phone with a different tone that the person who is calling hears in the speaker until you answer. You have the possibility of choosing from various songs, jokes or creating your own message for the person that is calling. You can even configure a tone to be used for each group of contacts, exactly like you do this with regular ringtones. For example, you can choose a love song for your beloved one or something funny for your friends. Customization hits a maximum level when doing this, so you can ensure to have a unique greeting message for the persons calling you. On top of this, they can be heard by everyone, no matter if they are calling from a mobile phone, a stationary one or if the device is a new one or an old one.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nokia Ringtones

Ringtone "Nokia tune" is actually based off of a guitarist in the 19th century "Gran Vals" by Spanish musician Francisco T Rega. Nokia song was originally named "Grande Valse" by Nokia, but later changed to "Nokia Tune" in 1998 when the song was so famous and make it as a ringtone Nokia.

Francisco T rega

history ringtones

The first commercial mobile ring tones created by a Finnish mobile operator in 1998. This ringtone can be downloaded from the Internet and in RTTTL (Ring Tone Text Transfer Language) format in which a simple text-based format that is used to make music. This tone can be downloaded to the phone via infrared, Bluetooth and SMS.

The Monophonic melodies were developed based on RTTTL. A very simple ring tones, is found in the hands of the older sets. A simple song melodies generated by the orderly arrangement of notes on different frequencies, it can produce only one sound at a time.

Then came polyphonic ringtones melody called a superior, which can produce 16 separate notes at any given time. The songs sound like real music. Most modern phones can play these ringtones.

Mean of Ringtones

Ringtones is the sound emitted by mobile phones to alert the owner when there is an incoming call tone is categorized into three different types such as monophonic ringtones, polyphonic ringtones and true tones or real tones. Monophonic melody is a series of beeps having different frequencies arranged in order and can play only one note playing at a time. Polyphonic melodies produce up to 40 different voices in a time that makes ringtones sound like music. True tones, the audio recording in different formats is very user friendly and can play all kinds of sound imaginable.

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Were To Get Free Ringtones

were to get free ringtones - Things we always ask each seek information through mass media, online, portals and blogs and news directly on the scene that we certainly think is where it happened, when it happened and why it happened.

in this post I will try to give information where we can get the ringback tones, let alone for free. But I dare not promise to get this information in detail because of the limitations of our information.

But I try to give Yeng best for you if we know the sources of knowledge do not hesitate to share to our friends because science is not to be kept confidential but for the spread to the public.

following one of the places to get ringbaktones please click or copy paste to your browser

Best Ringback Tones

best  ringback tones are sequences that are customized to the poll vote or a star to select one of the best ringback tones. Nowadays a lot of ringtones are provided by various parties in order to give users the option ringback tones to choose which one they like.

List of best ringback tones can be changed at any time and adjust the time on the existing conditions. but this list only as a reference to us in the ranks to the ringtones that we think is good by us.

In the next post, I'll try to give a list of ringback tones best sesaui with the existing list on internet sites. I hope this information can be useful for all of us, waiting in the next post, keep the spirit

Personal Dial Tones

Personal dial tones is one of the cellular service that is useful for dial tone before the phone was in the lift. There are so many services that provide personal dial tone service, we are usually in order to type the wording REG.

From there we can choose a dial tone what would we use for our mobile phones. Even in the one number we can put more than one person dial tone, so we miscal each number in sequence will be different tone continued.

Dial tone is in use usually synonymous with the song, song in the capture and even then not a single song in full but only take reff only. Tone is another kind of conversational tone, or other unique and funny so that people who want nelpon we will laugh or be happy to make the event even hear the song.

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history of ringback tones music

All of it started in Korea, in which SK Telephony, released the "ColoRing" program concerning couple of years in the past. One third regarding SK Telecoms 20 thousand consumers switched on the particular ringback program for telephone calls, and also this created month to month profits regarding above $8 thousand money in accordance with Ovum Contacting.

Exactly what band again audio strengthen?

Ringback audio hues change the conventional band in which callers notice while they are usually looking forward to you to definitely response the device together with audio. Just what supplier presents band again audio hues in the usa?

T-Mobile nowadays introduced Unknown caller Songs, the initial ringback strengthen program inside the You. Azines. being accessible across the country.

Clients regarding Verizon Wifi inside the southern part of Los angeles is now able to change the particular buzzing appear callers notice any time contacting their particular amount by way of a track picked coming from greater than a couple of, 2 hundred tracks inside 13 makes.

ringback tones for cellurer phone

Different selections for cellular phone ringers are usually growing. As an example, Sprint's ToneMaker DJ program permits consumers to generate authentic Audio Hues close to their particular mobile phones.

Coming from ToneMaker DJ's selection regarding 1000s of elegant and also interchangeable audio elements, consumers can easily generate and also help save their particular private Audio Hues regarding utilize on their Short PERSONAL COMPUTERS Perspective mobile phones.

Furthermore, the particular application's "DJ Lounge" local community permits the most effective ringers to get reputation, become observed and also obtained from the application's clients.

To generate custom made ringers, consumers are able to use diverse blending strategies or perhaps methods, made available from the application form. Together with "Step Function, inches appears for your Drum, Striper, Beat and also Direct paths are usually picked to be able, plus a Audio Strengthen is created bit simply by bit.

Together with "Jam Function, inches an individual commences using a full Audio Strengthen and will change appears inside and also out there with can. Inside "Auto Function, inches an individual simply media any option plus a special Audio Strengthen will be created only for an individual.

Inside each and every function, you decide on appears from your application's appear selection, which can be arranged simply by type, which includes HipHop, Stone, Funk, Electronic digital and also Dancehall.

Short consumers can easily accessibility ToneMaker DJ on their PERSONAL COMPUTERS Perspective mobile phones

Verizon Ringback Tones

Verizon Wireless announced the launch of service Business Ringback Tones, which enables corporate customers to the wireless operator to replace the usual ringing for incoming calls on your own messages and ringtones.

Also, using the service can inform customers about new products or current promotions. At the same time to record the messages Verizon Wireless is working with professional artists in a special recording studio.

Ringback Tone Manager allows you to upload, and edit audio messages lasting up to 30 seconds. If necessary, you can configure up to five different audio tracks, which will alternate with each call.

Ringback Tones Download

ringtones free ringtones is a service where you can get this service for free just by your download at the link below.
for interested please click the link below

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completely free ringback tones

What better way to stay on the line and wait for whoever you are calling to pick up and answer the call than listening to music? Yes, free ringback tones are your best bet in avoiding your caller getting bored and hanging up if by chance you could not answer the phone in the shortest possible time. See the benefits of taking advantage of it? Waiting is never an enjoyable task, but with free ringback tones, the wait would not bother as much. It also serves as a perfect way to personalize your cell phones.

Free ringback tones often come as realtone, true tones, or voice tones. Your options are limitless as you can choose from your old classic favorite to the latest chart topper today. These cellular phone features come in digital formats such as WMA, WAV, with MP3 as the most common. But since this technology has been introduced in the market with the coming of the higher end cell phone models, older units may not be capable of downloading and playing them.

Free ringback tones can be downloaded directly to your cellular phone unit or through your computer. Either way, you will have to use the Internet so the device you will be using for download should have online access.  Sharing is another way to avail of such by sending them through email, Bluetooth connection, infrared ports and even SMS. A converter is an important software that ensures compatibility, enabling you to be able to transfer these files from one mobile phone to another.

free ringback tones

free dial tone since it has become increasingly more sophisticated needs as well as advanced technology, the more the dial tone will get better and better. now dial tone can be downloaded for free

already many websites or blogs that provide dial tone service for free download. now I also want to share about downloading around dial tone, please wait in the next optimization