Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tips for Choosing a Ringtones

There are several options that you can choose from when it comes to customizing your cell phone with ringtones, all you really need to do is weigh all of your options and find the kind that work best for you and your budget.

1 - You want to check your cell phone to see what you are able to use for ringtones. Certain phones have the capability for various ringtones while others do not. For example, some of the older or more basic cell phones will only be able to use monotone or polygraphic ringtones. Generally, these phones will come with a set of ringtones already loaded into the phone.

2 - Find out if your cell phone carrier already has a way for you to download ringtones from their service or from a related provider. Often times, these options are available in a download menu. All you need to do is browse through the menu, purchase credits for the ringtones that you would like to have and then download them.
3 - Always try it before you buy it! When it comes to purchasing ringtones for your phone, you always want to make sure that you can give it a listen before you pay for it and download it to your cell phone. This way you can eliminate the possibility of the ringtone not having the quality that you had hoped for or not being loud enough for your liking.
4 - Are you ready to customize? Depending on your level of comfort with software and ringtone programs, you can actually fiddle with certain tones and songs to make them your own. This happens to be one of the hottest trends in cellular ringtones to date. Having one of these custom ringtone programs will let you choose a tone, edit the song, loop your favorite portion of it and so on. With this sort of a set up, you might even find that your friends and relatives will be asking you to work on custom ringtones for their own cell phones!

5 - You can always browse the internet for great ringtone options that you can add to your cell phone. Take the time to listen to some of the ringtones that catch your eye, then look and see if there are any ringtone packages that you can buy. Generally, you can find a really affordable package deal that will include a number of songs for quick and easy download from a large list of options.

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